Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 💚🍀 Did you know that guitarist Henry McCullough was the only Irishman to play at Woodstock? He was helicoptered in to perform with Joe Cocker and the Grease Band, then they all left to continue their own tour. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️ There were many iconic female artists that took the stage at Woodstock, who’s legacy still has left a mark on musicians and fans to this day. Pictured above are the amazing Melanie Safka, Cynthia Robinson and Rose Stone, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Joan Baez, and Nancy Nevins. Take a look at an article about the women of Woodstock! To read, visit: https://found.ee/WomenOfWoodstock Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Henry Diltz.

Sly & The Family Stone Fun Facts

Sly & The Family Stone fun facts: ⭐️Bassist Larry Graham is credited with inventing the slap bass technique ⭐️The band is one of the first mainstream bands to have a racially integrated male and female lineup ⭐️Three members of Sly & The Family Stone are actually related! Sly Stone’s brother and sister are Freddie and Rose Stone, the guitarist and backing vocalist for the band ⭐️Larry Graham is Drake’s uncle To listen to Sly & The Family Stone: The Woodstock Experience, visit https://found.ee/SlyStone-LiveatWoodstock 

Woodstock World

Woodstock World is the premium Metaverse experience devoted to the discovery, performance, and exploration of music and art. Staying faithful to the original 1969 Woodstock Festival, Woodstock World brings together artists from a variety of genres to connect and share their art with a global audience.  Link: https://www.sequinar.com/woodstock


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