Say Hello to Henry Diltz!

Say hello to Henry Diltz, official Woodstock photographer, and our eyes and ears into what the festival was really like. Dive in as he gives us the inside scoop on all things Woodstock! ☮️ #HenryDiltz #WoodstockStories #Peace #Love #Memories

Remembering Swami Satchidananda

“Of all the iconic images, the one that best captured what endures from the 1960s is the orange-robed Swami Satchidananda addressing the multitude… That photo stands as a potent symbol of the meeting of East and West that has transformed American culture.” –Philip Goldberg, Author of “American Veda” Today, we remember Swami Satchidananda Saraswati. The “Woodstock Guru” spread messages of peace and love to those around him, and impacted the lives of many who attended Woodstock in 1969. Missing you, friend. @swamisatchidananda 📸: Getty Images. #PeaceAndLove #Woodstock #MusicFestivals #CountercultureMovement #MakeLoveNotWar #WoodstockFestival #History 

Remembering Jimi Hendrix

“Jimi came up and probably played a couple of numbers. It was absolutely awe-inspiring. Just so good. It was the guitar playing. And the look of the man.” –Nick Mason, Drummer of Pink Floyd  Remembering one of the most iconic musicians and electric guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix. ☮️ Photo courtesy of Getty Images. #PeaceAndLove #Woodstock #MusicFestivals #CountercultureMovement #MakeLoveNotWar #WoodstockFestival #History

☮️ Artist Spotlight ☮️

“Baez played to a fringe audience for a full forty minutes before her manager found her and reminded her that she still had to play a set on the main stage.” –WOODSTOCK: THREE DAYS THAT ROCKED THE WORLD Joan Baez is an American singer/songwriter and musician. She is also a very passionate activist. Much of her music contains themes of protest and social justice, and throughout her career she has attended countless protests and rallies, and sung at numerous benefit concerts for causes she believes in.  Photo courtesy of Getty Images.  _ #PeaceAndLove #Woodstock #JoanBaez #CountercultureMovement #MakeLoveNotWar #WoodstockFestival #History 


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