Ultimate Classic Rock – 50 Years Ago: ‘Woodstock’ Soundtrack Brings Festival to the World Read More: 50 Years Ago: ‘Woodstock’ Soundtrack Brings Festival to the World

The Woodstock festival was experienced by “half a million strong,” as the song goes. But the movie and its soundtrack brought the “Three Days of Peace and Music” counterculture celebration to millions of people across the globe. Released in May 1970, eight months after the festival took place in New York, the film’s soundtrack cemented the legacy of ’60s music and added a dash of idealism for years to come. The triple-LP set was unleashed to an audience enamored with that moment in time, hoping to catch a contact high of sorts. The performances released on the record were only a fraction of the music experienced over those three August 1969 days, but as a snapshot of the event, it more thanRead more »

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson & The Band is available now on-demand!

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Jimi Hendrix’s “Band of Gypsys” 50th Anniversary edition released!

NOW AVAILABLE! Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the BAND OF GYPSYS original release with this limited edition all-analog edition vinyl anniversary edition. Get it HERE!

Pitchfork – Record Store Day 2020 Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Record Store Day 2020 has been postponed as health concerns rise in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Originally scheduled to take place on April 18, the global music event will now take place at participating record stores on Saturday June 20. “RSD acknowledges the need to be good citizens of both the local and worldwide communities while still giving our participating stores around the world the best chance to have a profitable, successful Record Store Day,” organizers said in a statement. As cases of coronavirus continue to be diagnosed, countries are moving to quell any further outbreaks of the disease. This week, New York, for example, banned all gatherings over 500 people, with venues such as Carnegie Hall canceling all programmingRead more »


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