Rolling Stone – Robbie Robertson on Reworking the Band’s ‘Stage Fright’: ‘This Is What It’s Supposed to Be’

By DAVID BROWNE Looking back on a troubled period for the fabled roots rockers, the guitarist-songwriter explains why he needed to right old wrongs on a new 50th-anniversary reissue Ahead of a new 50th-anniversary reissue of the Band’s Stage Fright, Robbie Robertson would like to apologize. “I made a mistake,” he says from his L.A. office. “And now I’m so thrilled that I could undo that mistake and make this record what I thought it was, and the experience I thought it was.” Recorded in their home base of Woodstock, New York, and released in 1970, Stage Fright was the Band’s third album, home to future concert staples like the title song and “The Shape I’m In.” But the running order of those songs, Robertson says,Read more »

American Songwriter- A New Conversation with Arlo Guthrie

BY PAUL ZOLLO Part 1. Arlo & Pete Seeger Arlo and Pete played their last show at Carnegie Hall. Pete was 94 and worried he wouldn’t remember all the words or sing well enough. Arlo said, “Pete! Look at our audience—they can’t hear like they used to hear. It might not be a problem!” Pete laughed and everything was okay. “All songwriters are links in a chain,” said Pete of the historic and artistic connection between all songwriters. Pete connected us with Woody Guthrie and also his boy Arlo, and performed extensively with both. Arlo picked up Pete and Woody’s musical torch, and has kept it lit all these years. This is our first part of an extensive interview with Arlo,Read more »

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