“Making Woodstock” rereleased in paperback

Posted on Apr 7, 2015

Ever wonder how Woodstock came to pass? You’ve heard the rumors, tall tales and wild speculation; now find out the truth from authors Joel Rosenman and John Roberts, two of the four founders of the Woodstock festival. Rosenman and Roberts didn’t set out to make history, they just wanted to put on a great concert for a few thousand of their closest friends. Filled with statistical facts, personal anecdotes and more than a bit of nail-biting humor,Making Woodstock gives you a front-row seat to the music, drama and logistical chaos that we know today as “3 Days Of Peace And Music.” Out of print in physical formats for many years, The Woodstock General Store is pleased to offer Making Woodstock in  paperback for the special price of $12.50.