Rolling Stone – Hear Jefferson Starship’s New Song ‘It’s About Time,’ Co-Written by Grace Slick

Mother of the Sun marks the band’s first new music in 12 years Read More at Rolling Stone! Jefferson Starship have shared “It’s About Time,” a new single co-written by Grace Slick. The track appears on their upcoming EP Mother of the Sun, out August 21st. “Old white men have had their turn,” lead singer Cathy Richardson declares in the video over blaring guitars. “Thousands of years, what have we learned?” “I watched the Women’s March with Grace at her house back in 2017,” Richardson tells Rolling Stone. “She said, ‘This is just like the Sixties!’ and I suggested that we write a female empowerment song for the times that encapsulated the movement. A couple of months later, I received three handwritten pages ofRead more »

Rolling Stone – Fighting Racism in the Music Industry

The Music Industry Was Built on Racism. Changing It Will Take More Than Donations On Tuesday, the major labels protested police brutality with a “blackout.” Executives and artists say industry-wide racial equality is still a long way away In September 1978, soul producer extraordinaire Kenneth Gamble helped launch the Black Music Association, an advocacy group set on pushing the music industry to “recognize and celebrate the economic and cultural power of black music as well as those who made and promoted it.” “It was time for something new and more inclusive of all black music industry professionals,” Gamble said in 2015. The BMA was addressed to both artists and executives, linking two groups that both faced music industry racism but were often onRead more »

Ultimate Classic Rock – 50 Years Ago: ‘Woodstock’ Soundtrack Brings Festival to the World Read More: 50 Years Ago: ‘Woodstock’ Soundtrack Brings Festival to the World

The Woodstock festival was experienced by “half a million strong,” as the song goes. But the movie and its soundtrack brought the “Three Days of Peace and Music” counterculture celebration to millions of people across the globe. Released in May 1970, eight months after the festival took place in New York, the film’s soundtrack cemented the legacy of ’60s music and added a dash of idealism for years to come. The triple-LP set was unleashed to an audience enamored with that moment in time, hoping to catch a contact high of sorts. The performances released on the record were only a fraction of the music experienced over those three August 1969 days, but as a snapshot of the event, it more thanRead more »

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