Joan Baez

  1. “Oh Happy Day”
  2. “The Last Thing on My Mind”
  3. “I Shall Be Released”
  4. “Story about how the Federal Marshals came to take David Harris into custody”
  5. “No Expectations”
  6. “Joe Hill”
  7. “Sweet Sir Galahad”
  8. “Hickory Wind”
  9. “Drug Store Truck Driving Man” duet with Jeffrey Shurtleff
  10. “I Live One Day at a Time”
  11. “Take Me Back to the Sweet Sunny South”
  12. “Let Me Wrap You In My Warm and Tender Love”
  13. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”
  14. “We Shall Overcome”

The female counterpart to Bob Dylan, folksinger and anti-war protester Joan Baez, was the last act on Friday evening. She started at about 1:00 am. Appropriately, she wished everybody a good morning. Her perfectly arranged set combined with her beautiful and skillful voice was a fine finish for a chaotic and exhausting first day. During her performance it was drizzling, and then after her she finished it started to rain heavily.